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      Novel coronavirus pneumonia Deputy Secretary General Chen Shihua said that in July 2020, with China's overall efforts to promote new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development work has achieved positive results, the overall recovery of the economic situation continues to improve, especially under the promotion of various consumer policies, the market owners to accelerate the pace of resumption of business, the orderly increase of residents' consumption, and the gradual improvement of market vitality. Sales continued to improve. In this context, the automobile production and sales continued the warming trend since the second quarter and maintained a good running situation. "Big companies are doing well." Chen Shihua said. Recently, auto companies have successively released the latest sales data. Geely's sales volume reached 105000 in July, up 15% year-on-year; Great Wall Motor's sales at home and abroad were all successful, with a total sales of 78300 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 30%. Among them, the export sales of Great Wall Motor in July was 6300, with a month on month increase of 75%.   First, according novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia control plan, nucleic acid detection is the main detection method and standard of diagnosis for new crown pneumonia cases and asymptomatic infections. Because throat swab collection is not deep respiratory tract sampling, and the sensitivity of detection reagents can not identify all the infected persons at one time, in order to be cautious, it is necessary to carry out multiple sampling tests on key areas and key personnel according to the test results. Third, from the perspective of epidemic prevention and control, multiple nucleic acid detection for key areas and key populations is an important measure to eliminate the hidden dangers of the epidemic. By increasing the frequency of nucleic acid detection, we can find asymptomatic infected people as soon as possible, and carry out isolation medical observation on them, so as to realize early detection, early report, early isolation and early treatment, which is helpful for us to prevent and control the disease It can effectively control the risk after returning to work and reduce the condition or source of virus infection. "On that day, the general secretary said during his inspection in the village that migration and relocation is an effective way to overcome poverty. We should fully solicit the opinions of farmers and let them participate in the planning of new villages. " Su Jiangning said, "we select villagers' representatives to supervise the quality of the project; before choosing the house type, the village specially rented a bus to take the villagers out to observe, and the house type is decided by the villagers." LV Zhiwei, 57, was out of poverty after moving down the mountain for a year. "A subsidy of 1200 yuan per mu of land for conversion of farmland to forest; 5400 yuan of poverty alleviation industrial funds can be obtained for pig raising of poor households in the east of the village; 2500 yuan of bonus can be paid to each household for photovoltaic power generation every year; 18 mu of land has been transferred by my family, and there is grain subsidy every year!" In his speech, NIMA Zhuoma pointed out that in the birthplace of the spirit of "two bombs and one star"; The establishment of the ideal and belief education base for private economy personages in China's Atomic City is an important measure to strengthen the education of ideals and beliefs, revolutionary tradition and patriotism for the people of private economy. It will further stimulate the motivation and feelings of private entrepreneurs to keep upright and innovate and serve the motherland. It will also be in a wider range, wider field and higher level Spread and carry forward the spirit of "two bombs and one star" and lay a strong ideological foundation for the development of China's private economy with excellent politics, solid style and hard work.

      On the capital side, the market volume remains high. Wind data showed that on the 11th, a total of 1.13 trillion yuan was traded in the two cities, maintaining above trillion yuan for 10 consecutive trading days. Liquor and banks and other hot plate, become the object of large capital rush in, the net inflow scale is more than 1 billion yuan. China Merchants Fund pointed out that it is expected that the short-term market will still be in an interval volatility pattern, and there is a certain pressure of profit taking in some sectors with higher early growth. However, at present, there is no obvious sign of tightening liquidity, and the valuation of heavy stocks such as financial real estate is still low, so the space for index adjustment is relatively limited. In the long run, the A-share market is characterized by toughness, reasonable valuation and outstanding allocation value. Relying on the collaborative innovation of high-quality content and communication strategies, today's online drama ecology is steadily moving forward in a structured and systematic exploration. On line and off-line adhere to overall management, unified standards have achieved gratifying results, and will form a more beneficial exploration in further practice. With the continuous remodeling of its own industry standards and the continuous satisfaction of the audience's aesthetic expectations, the online drama market is bound to usher in a new look and atmosphere in the foreseeable future. In order to resolve the contradictions and disputes of the masses in a timely manner, and break through the "blocking point" of grassroots social governance, Altay City gives full play to the collaborative and complementary role of multiple subjects, creates the first lawyer duty workstation in the whole region, promotes the practice of "talking point" and "public legal service room", and constantly improves the multi resolution mechanism of contradictions and disputes. "At the beginning of January, I bought five sheep, but soon died. After the veterinary examination, they found that the sheep were sick. I went to the seller many times, but he was not willing to refund the money. Thanks to the legal adviser, I asked for the money back." Since the eighteen Party's Congress, all localities and departments have implemented the spirit of Xi Jinping's important instructions, adopted relevant documents and launched CD-ROM actions to vigorously punish wasteful winds. The phenomenon of waste on the tongue has changed, especially the public's waste behavior of public funds and restaurants, which is strongly reflected by the masses, has been effectively curbed. In view of the waste of food and drink that still exists in some places, Xi Jinping has recently issued the "prescription" for both sides in the important instructions: we must strengthen legislation, strengthen supervision, take effective measures, establish long-term mechanisms, resolutely curb the waste of food and drink, and further strengthen publicity and education, effectively cultivate savings habits, and create an atmosphere of wasteful and economical savings in the whole society. According to Jiang Huili, the community Secretary of Jinping community, the old county and town Jinping community has developed industries due to local system. Relying on the original mountain resources, it has cultivated 22 professional cooperatives and new business entities, driving 770 households to increase their income. Relying on 12 enterprises in the town's Industrial Park, more than 150 jobs were created, 9400 square meters of factory buildings were built, 4 new community factories were developed, and more than 200 jobs were provided. Good policies need to be tamped down. We need to be down-to-earth in poverty alleviation and actively do practical things. In the process of making up the short board of housing safety, there are still some problems in some areas, such as the random grasp of the standards, the improper implementation of the declaration procedures, the untrue reflection of the dangerous transformation files, and the nonstandard use of the funds for the renovation.

      One lake connects three provinces, and the lake is among the ten thousand peaks. Wanfeng Lake is located at the junction of Guizhou, Yunnan and Guangxi, with a water area of more than 200000 mu. In recent years, Xingyi City, Qianxinan Prefecture, Guizhou Province, has promoted the ecological management of Wanfeng Lake by increasing the adjustment of industrial structure in coastal towns and developing green ecological breeding in Lake area, so as to promote the coordinated development of fishery industry, water resources in reservoir area and coastal ecological environment. In 2018, Guizhou Wanfeng Lake Runfeng Industrial Development Co., Ltd. was established in Xingyi City. The ecological breeding mode of blocking fixed water area and human releasing and natural breeding was adopted to release silver carp, bighead carp, grass carp and other fish species to achieve the goal of "cultivating fish with water and purifying water with fish". He sleeps seven or eight hours a day. Compared with other students, Fu Jingchen never has much difficulty in learning. "He loves thinking very much. He is more competitive. His weakness is that he loves to cry. When he was a child, he played chess, he lost once and cried once. After crying, he rode his father's neck to comfort him." Accompany and love, so that Fu Jingchen has an endless stream of spiritual resources, but also a great magic weapon later. "In his bedroom, there is a big box for the award-winning certificate. If you throw away a lot of shells, you can't put them." "Fu Jingchen is fond of playing. When he is free, he plays games. When he plays games, I play standard American English to him as the background sound of the game. During the epidemic period, the score once dropped to the 48th grade in the grade. It turned out that all the students were around 10. He didn't go all out to study, 7 points to study and 3 points to play, "Wu said. On this basis, Haixi Prefecture implements the "double contract" service system to ensure that a family doctor team signs up to provide health management services, and a rural cadre signs a contract to provide health poverty alleviation policy propaganda and medical insurance reimbursement. The contracted services of family doctors of the poor and the contracted services of the poor patients with chronic diseases should be signed completely;. To build a high-quality and efficient medical and health service system in agricultural and pastoral areas. In our daily life, we can often hear the story of "the most beautiful rural doctor". Some people have stayed on the island for more than ten years, while others have been busy in the mountains for decades. Nowadays, thousands of rural doctors, like Si Riqin, are in the trend of the progress of the times, with great love and consultation, only for the health and happiness of rural people!  In terms of market share, the sales volume of Chinese brand passenger cars reached 585000 in July, up 4.5% year-on-year. The market share also rebounded for the first time in nearly four months, rising to 35.1% from the lowest 33.6% in June. The market share of German and Japanese brands continued to rise, while that of American and Korean brands declined. In terms of export, China's automobile export volume in July was basically the same as that of the previous month, with 62000 vehicles. CAAC said that if the overseas epidemic situation did not recover significantly in the second half of the year, China's automobile export market is still not optimistic. "From the historical data, the production and sales volume of China's car market in July this year reached a relatively high level in the same period of history." Chen Shihua also issued a reminder to the automobile industry. From the perspective of the industry development trend, although the production and sales growth momentum is good this month, the enterprise terminal inventory growth is obvious. Therefore, enterprises should pay attention to inventory changes and avoid increasing the burden of enterprises due to excessive inventory.

       Of course, the local government has some practical difficulties, such as the gap between the two pilot areas and the sense of urgency that the higher authorities urge to complete the conversion of farmland to forests by August 31. But the more so, the more we need to pay attention to ways and means in carrying out our work. Local experienced cadres said that it is not too late to plant trees in September after the wheat and rape are mature. It may be a better choice to use more brains, communicate actively, report the situation to the superior truthfully, and apply to plant trees after wheat and rape harvest. For people in Inner Mongolia, returning farmland to forest is a good policy. If we can deepen the mobilization work, refine the supporting measures, and implement the compensation arrangement, the growers should understand and cooperate. General secretary Xi Jinping stressed that the masses involved should accurately grasp the social mentality and emotions of the masses, give full consideration to the personal feelings of the law enforcement objects, standardize the enforcement of law enforcement, enforce the humanized law enforcement, flexible law enforcement and sunshine law enforcement, do not engage in rough law enforcement, &ldquo, and entrust &rdquo. The local government has once again enlightened local governments that they should pay attention to overall planning and coordination in their work, exchange early planning for real implementation, and intimate policies for people's peace of mind. In the process of administration, we should use more brain power, less brute force, more flexibility and more humanization. Only in this way can we truly do a good job of making the government at ease and the people happy. (Zheng Silin)    It's rare that I can play chess so well, but I haven't delayed my grades at all. Fu Jingchen's predecessor, Cui hang, who also graduated from Tsinghua University, expressed such feelings in his circle of friends. However, why is Cui hang not like this? Both career and hobby are the life goals that many people dream of! The biggest advantage is memory and logical thinking. The chess board often needs to think about the complex disk. Although the human brain can't reach the computing level of the computer, it plays an important role in logical thinking. Usually after the game, we have to resume, which requires a strong memory. In the long run, it has a very positive impact on his memory.

        In this regard, we should improve the policy, strengthen the assessment, and strictly follow the procedures and standardize the operation. This year, relevant departments in many regions have organized a "look back" on the construction and management of affordable housing. Through field research and investigation, we have promoted the implementation of affordable housing policies in place and standardized and orderly construction and management. "In view of the already built affordable housing, we should strictly check the construction quality and other problems, so as to avoid new security risks." Tan Xuewen, a researcher at the Institute of rural development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out that "at the same time, according to our investigation and research, there is a small number of people who temporarily live in relatives or neighbors' homes, and there is a situation of" no fixed place of residence ", which also needs to be paid attention to." We should pay close attention to ecological industry. In the region, we should comprehensively return farmland to farmland, guide the masses to withdraw from corn planting and plant bamboo and fruit instead, optimize the industrial structure and promote ecological restoration. For the bare land, homestead and other areas in the regulation area, we should guide the masses to restore green in time. In principle, we should mainly plant bamboo and plant fruit trees to create a green coastline. In order to reduce the negative growth of chemical fertilizer and pesticide application, green manure planting, straw defoliation compost returning to the field, insecticide lamp and white tree trunks were promoted Resource tax is a kind of tax levied on units and individuals who develop taxable resources in the territory of the people's Republic of China and other sea areas under the jurisdiction of the people's Republic of China. On August 26, 2019, the 12th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress passed the resource tax law. The industry pointed out that the resource tax law is an important measure to implement the legal principle of Taxation and improve the local tax system, and is an important part of the construction of green tax system. Keeping the current framework of resource tax system and tax burden unchanged is conducive to better use of tax means to promote resource conservation and strengthen the protection of ecological environment. Compared with the current resource tax, the resource tax law has adjusted the power to determine the specific tax rate. The resource tax law continues to adopt two types of tax rates: fixed tax rate and range tax rate. For resources with a range of tax rates, according to the requirements of implementing the legal principle of Taxation, the specific applicable tax rate shall be proposed by the provincial people's government and submitted to the Standing Committee of the people's Congress at the same level for decision. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, chairman of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, recently made important instructions to curb the waste of food and drink. He pointed out that the phenomenon of food waste is shocking and heartbreaking! "Who knows that every grain of Chinese food is hard." Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most important factor in food safety. Despite the continuous harvest of grain production in China, we must always be aware of the risks. Xi Jinping stressed the need to strengthen legislation, strengthen supervision, take effective measures, and establish long-term mechanisms to resolutely curb food waste. It is necessary to further strengthen publicity and education, cultivate the habit of thrift, and create an atmosphere of shame for waste and honor for saving in the whole society.

       In February this year, faced with the impact of the epidemic situation, guanshanhu District issued several measures to support small and medium-sized enterprises and individual businesses to tide over difficulties, effectively promoting the resumption of work and production; on March 5, guanshanhu district held the first batch of support fund cashing ceremony, and representatives of enterprises and individual businesses in the jurisdiction received support funds and worked together to tide over the difficulties together. &In recent years, with the development of guanshanhu District, infrastructure has been gradually improved, commerce and trade are gradually supporting, and the industry has developed orderly. This year, according to the actual situation, Guanshan Lake area has decided to seek space effect. &Huang Huaming, deputy director of the guanshanhu District Commerce and Investment Promotion Bureau, said that the implementation of several measures to promote the economic development of buildings in guanshanhu district is one of the specific measures to seek effect from space.  This year in order to realize the comprehensive well-off and poverty alleviation works well packaged, zhuhai face "four habitat" the ultimate test, for example, in the case of jiaozuo, more hold a very special historical node of the work force, the very, very, we should enhance the sense of urgency, beats the played drums, use a struggle to define time, with work achievements, especially in "the boss, or dry, difficulty again big also unchanged" enthusiasm, efforts to let local people proud of our city into a yearning, outsiders envy, entrepreneurs livable appropriate industry should be civilized city, park city to visit. It is urgent and urgent to win the final examination of "Four-city Joint creation" and pass the national civilized city inspection. We will accelerate the construction of a demonstration city that fully embodies the new development philosophy, and strive to build a "refined city with quality" with banners and drums beating. In the 11 th plenary session of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal Party Committee work meeting, the Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Xiaoping clearly put forward, to "beautiful" as a standard, adhere to the quality construction to improve the appearance level. In order to build up an important ecological barrier in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, greening one side of the mountains and protecting a river of water, Suijiang County thoroughly implements the important directive spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping on the "Yangtze River Economic Belt" "grasping the great protection and not developing the great development". Taking the protection of the 200 meters above the Sui two highway to the Jinsha River waterfront as the focal point, we strive to make short board weaknesses, maintain ecological safety and ensure "one". The clear water flows out of Suijiang. Strict garbage treatment. According to the principle of territorial management, establish a long-term mechanism for domestic waste treatment. The whole coverage of the renovation area, the establishment of garbage treatment charging system, to achieve the collection of all accounts receivable, establish a long-term mechanism. Each town should establish garbage clearing and transferring mechanism, equip garbage truck and garbage can, standardize garbage transfer, and ensure that garbage can and garbage room do not overflow.

        &"Is this doctor? Come on in, please. &Fan Haixia quickly put down her broom and went to the door. This doctor is Xiqin, the medical department of genshang village, Chahanwusu Town, Dulan County, Haixi Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. At the age of 36, Si Riqin worked hard as a village doctor for 12 years. Fan Haixia's family used to be a poor household in genshang village of Dongshan. Fan Haixia suffered from chronic diseases and high blood pressure, and had heart surgery in her early years. Today, siriqin's regular home visits have become the most important health protection for fan Haixia. &Everything else is very good, but the heart rate is a little fast. This is the medicine you asked me to take last week. Remember to take it on time every day. &Sitting on the sofa, Si riqinli pulled out the stethoscope for fan Haixia and put the medicine that fan Haixia asked her to take on the table a few days ago. &How is your granddaughter studying recently? &After checking, Si Riqin has to work with fan Haixia. Editor's note: the eleventh issue of seeking truth published in June 1, 2020 published an important article by Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, chairman of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, on the issue of building up a well-off society in an all round way, and elaborated on the short board. Xi Jinping pointed out that building a well-off society in an all-round way involves many aspects, but the short board is a hard task. Since August 3rd, the people.com.cn has launched a series of reports on "the hard task of a well off society in an all-round way" which is generally respected by general secretary Xi Jinping, and thoroughly interpreted the essence of this important article. "In terms of housing safety and security, there are about 1.6 million households in four categories of key objects that need to be renovated in China, including about 800000 poor households who file and file their cards. In some places, the appraisal of dilapidated houses has not been carried out, or the appraisal is not accurate. " In April 16, 2019, sincere words and earnest wishes were made at the Forum on the outstanding issues of "two worries and Three Guarantees", and Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, chairman of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, said with great earnestness. At the meeting, Xi Jinping stressed that if these problems were not well resolved by 2020, they would affect the success of poverty alleviation. This year in order to realize the comprehensive well-off and poverty alleviation works well packaged, zhuhai face "four habitat" the ultimate test, for example, in the case of jiaozuo, more hold a very special historical node of the work force, the very, very, we should enhance the sense of urgency, beats the played drums, use a struggle to define time, with work achievements, especially in "the boss, or dry, difficulty again big also unchanged" enthusiasm, efforts to let local people proud of our city into a yearning, outsiders envy, entrepreneurs livable appropriate industry should be civilized city, park city to visit. 

      The urban environment is the basis for the survival and development of the broad masses of the people. Only by constantly improving the urban appearance can people's livelihood be improved. Toward the goal of "exquisite city, quality Jiaozuo", we adhere to the "beautiful" as the standard, our Dasha River, from the past unrecognizable, full of holes flood river, smelly river, gorgeous turned into a new engine of urban transformation and development, show Jiaozuo image of the meeting room, the stage of public activities; The green belt of the South-north Water Diversion project has changed from a mess to a green corridor benefiting the people, appearing on CCTV and other mainstream media for many times. The ship to wander more urgent, people to the half mountain road more steep. Cities are becoming more "beautiful" and people are feeling more comfortable. However, there is still a certain gap between the present achievement and the goal of "exquisite city and high-quality Jiaozuo". We must continue to make great efforts to dress up the "beautiful" city, so that Jiaozuo can become not only the appearance level but also the quality, and then become the special capital to promote the high-quality development of Jiaozuo. Human civilization has a long history. After the Neolithic age and the pottery age, bronze civilization was born in the Yellow River, Yangtze River and Pearl River Basins in China about 5000 years ago. Through the Xia, Shang, Zhou to the spring and Autumn period, as long as 1500 years, to the peak in the Western Zhou Dynasty. A large number of exquisite bronze ritual vessels were unearthed from the Zhouyuan site and FengHao site in Fengqi area of Baoji, which showed that the Chinese bronze casting technology and casting technology were quite mature at this time. The bronzes unearthed in Sanxingdui, Sichuan, can be compared with those of Zhouyuan, which shocked the world with its strange composition and exquisite shape. It is a pity that more than 700 bronzes have been unearthed on both sides of the Hanjiang River at the junction of Chenggu and Yangxian in the Western Qin Dynasty between Baoji in the Western Qin Dynasty and Sichuan Province in Tianfu. However, more than 700 bronzes have not yet attracted wide attention. The earliest record of Hanzhong bronze ware is shuijingzhu: "the Han River flows to the south of Hucheng The 13th year of Yixi (418) There are twelve copper bells in the water "Yang county annals" also recorded: "in the County West Machang, Caixing Daoguang, earth brick excavation, more than 30 pieces of ancient Ding burial utensils. In the seven and eight years of Tongzhi period, another 20 or 30 pieces were collected. Cai's family began with the burial of tripods. Now he is rich and his pottery industry continues. I hope he can get something  Most of the recent discoveries were made in the 1970s. When Li Jinghua, a farmer in Chenggu County, dug a cellar to store ginger, he found that two cans were square, which contained 12 human masks, 6 animal masks, and 33 inner daggers. These bronzes were also properly transported to the cultural center. In 2004, when digging the drainage ditch on the road in Longtou Town, Chenggu County, a bronze tripod with string pattern of Shang Dynasty was found. The bronze tripod has legs, ears and deep abdomen. It has a circle of animal face (Taotie) pattern on the upper part. The column foot is decorated with animal surface. It weighs 7959g, has a height of 42.3cm and a diameter of 32.5cm. It belongs to the late Shang Dynasty. Zuo Tangquan, who has been engaged in Archaeology for more than 30 years, has discovered more than ten bronzes of the Shang Dynasty, including many national treasures.