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        In terms of delivery, the first is to implement the "green channel" free and fast passage requirements, timely coordinate and solve the traffic problems of relevant vehicles, ensure the smooth, efficient and safe operation of emergency medical materials and other transport vehicles, and ensure that emergency medical materials are delivered to hospitals and epidemic prevention stations in time. Second, the urban (county) two-level commercial departments form a joint inspection team to carry out market supply inspection, actively connect with the district (county) management committees, help coordinate and solve the difficulties in the supply of emergency medical supplies and daily necessities, and ensure the supply of epidemic prevention materials in place. Third, coordinate the local pharmaceutical enterprises to increase the market supply of emergency medical materials. At present, 62 drug wholesale enterprises, 24 drug retail chain headquarters and 1089 chain stores in the city are in normal operation, and the medical supplies market is in sufficient supply. In the future, our district will also take the rehabilitation and reconstruction of farmland shelterbelt and the greening and beautification of villages as the key points of afforestation and land greening. With local tree species as the main, the government will provide seedlings and mobilize the masses to plant trees. By 2022, the restoration and reconstruction of 950000 Mu farmland shelterbelts will be completed, and the greening and beautification of villages will be basically completed. Since the beginning of this year, Balikun Kazakh Autonomous County has combined patriotic health campaign with courtyard renovation and beautiful rural construction. Through the implementation of household toilet renovation, domestic waste treatment, sewage treatment, and separation of three areas, the rural living environment has been significantly improved. Saidehan Dawu, a villager of the animal husbandry village of kuisu Town, said: "the inside and outside of the house are clean, and every family's courtyard is green. The village is becoming more and more beautiful."   From the perspective of social repercussions, the excellent dramas, including the above-mentioned works, either contribute to social topics, or shape the popularity of word-of-mouth, causing public concern and discussion at different levels. It is worth noting that compared with the market performance in the same period in recent years, the number of phenomenal online dramas has increased dramatically in the first half of this year. As a social currency, online dramas are showing more and more extensive influence. Under the influence of the high-quality strategy, the online TV series and the TV series are blooming two times, each showing a branch. Today's network audio-visual industry has become an important position for people to watch and pursue drama. The circle effect of network audio-visual is bound to usher in different paths different from the development of TV industry. The content format iteration oriented to vertical and subdivided audience groups also creates more sufficient possibilities for boosting the industrialization level of online drama. The emphasis on diversified type development, together with the emergence of structural transformation and upgrading of the industry.

      Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been actively promoted in China as a whole, and the overall recovery of the economy has been improving. Especially in the automotive market, the sales promotion has been continuously improved. Experts remind that from the perspective of the industry development trend, although the production and sales growth momentum is good this month, the enterprise terminal inventory growth is obvious, so enterprises should pay attention to the change of inventory and avoid increasing the burden of enterprises due to excessive inventory. On July 11, the China Automobile Industry Association (CAAC) released the production and sales data of China's automobile market in July. On the whole, China's automobile industry continued the recovery momentum in the second quarter of this year, and the production and sales indicators showed a year-on-year growth. Among them, the sales volume of commercial vehicles increased by nearly 60% year-on-year, and new energy vehicles achieved positive growth year-on-year for the first time since this year. "It's hard to park in the community now, there are few places for leisure and entertainment, and the greening rate of the community is not high..." This is a problem reflected by the residents to the community at the meeting hall of "red property" of Jinshan North Road community, Jinshan Road Street, Altay City. According to the demands of residents, community leaders and residents work together to study solutions. Such meetings have been held in the community for many times to solve 16 problems involving community health and infrastructure. Zhang Ying, temporary Deputy Secretary of the general Party branch of Jinshan North Road, Jinshan Road Street, said: "the conference hall of" red property "serves as the Red Alliance  On the day of the relocation, the villagers and the linked helping cadres came to congratulate them. They hoped that Li benyan's parents, Li Shouchao, 34, and Tao Dahuan, 30, would obey the arrangements, work hard and become rich industriously, so as to give their children a happy future. Adults, Li benyan seems to understand, whether it is the content of the chat or the outside world, she is full of curiosity. This is her bedroom with her brother. Due to the poor natural environment and the mental deficiency of her parents, Li benyan's determination to study harder was stimulated by poverty. Since the first grade, she and her brother Li benjian have been among the best in Mahong primary school. Li benyan, 12, knows that to get out of the mountain, she has to work harder than others. From the perspective of production level, the creation of "fast food" is cooling down, the market respects quality plays, returns to acting standard, and the creative works with compact rhythm and thought-provoking are loved by the audience. Under the background of the controversial adaptation of the play, "Longling Grottoes" is a surprise. The play creatively integrates traditional cultural elements, such as folk legends, on the basis of ensuring the original work's reduction, and creates a heterogeneous aesthetic imagination space with concise space; the same type of work "restart the extreme sea listening to thunder" also shows the intention of adaptation level, combined with the stylized style and narrative with plot density, which makes another case of word-of-mouth work. In addition, works such as Chen Qianqian in rumors and I don't want to be friends with you boldly use new actors who fit the role image to break the "flow first" casting idea and form a bright performance.

      On this basis, Haixi Prefecture implements the "double contract" service system to ensure that a family doctor team signs up to provide health management services, and a rural cadre signs a contract to provide health poverty alleviation policy propaganda and medical insurance reimbursement. The contracted services of family doctors of the poor and the contracted services of the poor patients with chronic diseases should be signed completely;. To build a high-quality and efficient medical and health service system in agricultural and pastoral areas. In our daily life, we can often hear the story of "the most beautiful rural doctor". Some people have stayed on the island for more than ten years, while others have been busy in the mountains for decades. Nowadays, thousands of rural doctors, like Si Riqin, are in the trend of the progress of the times, with great love and consultation, only for the health and happiness of rural people!  One of the most striking changes is that the high-quality short plays have become the mainstream, and the phenomenon of "water flooding drama" has been effectively alleviated. In February this year, the State Administration of radio, film and television (SARFT) issued the notice on Further Strengthening the management of the creation and production of online TV dramas, which clearly pointed out that the content of "water injection" should be opposed, and the length of episodes should be standardized. The creation of short plays with no more than 40 episodes and less than 30 episodes should be encouraged. Since the first half of the year, more than ten collective short plays, such as I am Yu huanshui, a secret corner, a case in Chinatown, and Longling grottoes, have not only enjoyed high-quality dramas and production support, but also presented the characteristics of compact rhythm, high drama concentration and strong narrative density, which were affirmed by the overwhelming majority of the audience. &The "short" and "smart" high-quality dramas reflect on the situation of "water injection" in the past, and boost the industry to usher in a healthy creative ecology. In terms of allocation, the first is to establish a daily account system for epidemic prevention and control funds, strengthen the management of funds, carry out fund scheduling in an orderly manner, and give priority to the allocation of funds for epidemic prevention and control, so as to ensure that the funds are in place in time. Second, centralized and unified management of emergency medical materials in the city, dynamic inventory of material reserves, scientific and timely replenishment of materials to front-line units through comprehensive analysis and grassroots investigation every day. At the same time, we should establish and improve the overall allocation mechanism of medical institutions to ensure that the emergency medical materials collection and allocation is strong and orderly. The third is to strictly control the secondary distribution of emergency medical materials in accordance with the autonomous region's standards for distribution of emergency medical materials, especially for the supervision and inspection of terminal distribution to ensure that materials are deployed in place. Fourth, coordinate the deployment of all kinds of emergency medical materials for front-line epidemic prevention personnel, increase the deployment and supply of masks, protective clothing, thermometer and other materials, and give priority to meet the needs of front-line epidemic prevention personnel. First, according novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia control plan, nucleic acid detection is the main detection method and standard of diagnosis for new crown pneumonia cases and asymptomatic infections. Because throat swab collection is not deep respiratory tract sampling, and the sensitivity of detection reagents can not identify all the infected persons at one time, in order to be cautious, it is necessary to carry out multiple sampling tests on key areas and key personnel according to the test results. Third, from the perspective of epidemic prevention and control, multiple nucleic acid detection for key areas and key populations is an important measure to eliminate the hidden dangers of the epidemic. By increasing the frequency of nucleic acid detection, we can find asymptomatic infected people as soon as possible, and carry out isolation medical observation on them, so as to realize early detection, early report, early isolation and early treatment, which is helpful for us to prevent and control the disease It can effectively control the risk after returning to work and reduce the condition or source of virus infection.

      There are various kinds of bronzes in the city of Hanzhong. They are exquisite in craftsmanship, various in styles, and various in ornamentation. They are thick and simple in appearance, but not delicate, beautiful and practical. They are permeated with the wisdom and wisdom of the ancient ancestors and show their broad-minded mind and craftsmanship spirit This is the sacred and heavy cultural heritage left by our ancestors, which needs us to respect and revere     "All eyes are green, and the air is full of fresh taste." Zhang Longmei, a resident of xinxinmeiyu community, Changchun North Road, Urumqi high tech Zone (new urban area), said, "since the establishment of a small park, you can see green when you open the window." The three small parks are connected with each other and each has its own characteristics. The new green area is more than 50000 square meters. It is estimated that by the end of this year, more than 36 million trees and shrubs will be added in Urumqi. Residential courtyard, roadside green space, small park, small greenway, etc., 60000 mu of new green space will be integrated into the daily life of citizens, with a total area of 131 people's parks. Such "green integration" can be seen everywhere in the urban construction of our district. In the Shuiyun square in Gaochang District of Turpan City, the artificial lake is sparkling, and all kinds of trees and shrubs are matched with each other, providing a good place for citizens to relax. The city continues to improve the urban infrastructure construction, increase the intensity of landscaping and ecological environment protection, and has built a national garden city. Citizens can walk 500 meters into the green space.

      This year, our city plans to recruit 430 special post teachers (157 junior high schools and 273 primary schools), including 100 teachers from Qinyang City, 40 teachers from Mengzhou, 150 teachers from Wuzhi County, 80 teachers from Wen County, 20 teachers from Boai County and 40 teachers from Xiuwu County. A total of 6,633 candidates took part in the written examination of rural schools in Henan Province in 2020 on August 9. Chen Zhaowu, a second-level researcher from the Foreign Exchange and Cooperation Department of the Provincial Education Department, visited Zhuhai, accompanied by Party Secretary and director Jiang Yongli of the Municipal Education Bureau and other leaders. On August 9, the written examination for the recruitment of special post teachers in rural schools of Henan Province was held in 2020. There were 8 test sites and 230 test sites in Our city (among which, each test site had an isolated test site), and 6,633 candidates took the written examination in our city. Under the guidance of the Party branch of Alda village, through the demonstration and guidance of courtyard economy, the party members and vanguard models can play a leading role in helping the villagers to take advantage of the courtyard and sell their products to surrounding enterprises and canteens with the help of the working team. The average income of each household is increased by 2000 yuan, so that the people in Alda village can live a well-off life. Hua Wei, the first secretary and leader of the working team of Altay Fuhai Industrial Park in Alda village, Alda Township, said: "through the development of courtyard economy by Party members, the villagers can use the advantages of their own courtyard to grow vegetables and sell them to surrounding enterprises and units. Each household can reach an average of 2000 yuan per year. Through the mutual assistance between the party and the masses and the demonstration and guidance of Party members, our village has improved its life Quality. " In 2015, the Central Committee put forward the decision to win the battle of poverty alleviation. With the improvement of infrastructure and living environment, the implementation of industrial projects, a series of poverty alleviation policies have been implemented in Zhangzhuang village. Seeing the road harden, the streetlights are on, the dilapidated houses of poor households have become brand-new houses. A good policy needs the understanding and cooperation of the villagers, and it needs everyone to screw together to do a good job. What is the breakthrough? How should grassroots cadres take the lead in order to be recognized by the villagers? Village cadres decided to take the lead in cleaning the streets for an hour every morning. In 2015, with the help of village cadres, more than 60 poor households, including Yan Chunguang, loaned 50000 yuan each to set up chicken farms and pig farms, all of which were lifted out of poverty. Now, Yan Chunguang's chicken farm has 10000 laying hens, laying more than 900 Jin eggs a day, with a net income of more than 1000 yuan. In 2016, with the help of the village, Yan Chunguang loaned 300000 yuan to set up Chunguang oil factory. Now, Yan Chunguang hired five or six left behind women from the village to work, and he has become a boss. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the counterpart assistance to youth. In order to commend the advanced, publicize the typical and promote the work, the State Party committee and the state government have decided to commend 30 "counterpart support advanced individuals on the west coast of the Straits";. According to the arrangement of selection and commendation, the list of candidates to be commended (see Annex) is put forward after being recommended by the recipient area (unit) and the opinions of Zhejiang provincial aid youth headquarters and the first to fourth batch of commanders. Now it is publicized, and the publicity time is from August 13 to August 19, 2020. During the period of publicity, if there are different opinions on the object of publicity, they can be reflected objectively and justly by calling, letter, visiting, etc.  

            The admission notice generally includes notice, admission notice, school profile and subsidy policies and measures. Candidates in

      At the meeting, relevant counties (districts), departments and enterprises made a presentation. Participants watched the propaganda film "spring and Autumn Road". Altay news net news (correspondent) Altay City takes the people's livelihood service as the foundation, adheres to the guidance of Party building, mass participation and diversified solutions, focuses on starting from the most direct and realistic problems that the masses are most concerned about, and is committed to building a community of social governance in which everyone is responsible, responsible and enjoyed by everyone, constantly promoting the modernization of social governance in the city, and effectively enhancing the sense of gain, happiness and security of the people of all ethnic groups. Altay City will lead the party building throughout the whole process of social governance, highlight the core role of Party organizations in grassroots governance, and solve the problems of grassroots governance. In the city, in order to solve the difficult governance problems such as the old residential quarters, Altay City closely grasps the smallest unit, explores and creates a new mode of "party building leading + Red property", gives full play to the advantages of "party building + grid", cultivates "red cells" of Party organizations in communities, implements the system of "Red Chamber of discussion" and constantly improves the Deliberative Mechanism under the leadership of grass-roots party organizations. At the recently held entrepreneurs' forum, general secretary Xi Jinping stressed that under the external environment where protectionism is rising, the world economy is depressed and the global market is shrinking, we must concentrate our efforts on managing our own affairs, give full play to the advantages of China's super large scale market, and gradually form a new development pattern with the main domestic circulation as the main body and the domestic and international double circulation promoting each other. We should upgrade the modernization level of the industrial chain and supply chain, vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation, speed up the tackling of key core technologies, and create new advantages for future development. The important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out the direction for us to profoundly understand, effectively respond to opportunities and challenges, and develop new changes.  The framework of "police grid + grid" of village (community) cadres, police and auxiliary police should be established to draw lines and compile a network. Each intersection is jointly set up by township (town), village (community) and help unit to set up three managers to determine the solution and discussion point. Meanwhile, the "Internet plus mediation" mode should be established to integrate "mediation and docking", "mediation and docking" and "police and civilian joint adjustment" to actively resolve all kinds of contradictions and disputes. If it does not belong to the scope of the "police grid", the parties should be guided to solve the problem through the grid joint debugging, and the "Grand Mediation" pattern should be constructed to ensure that the contradictions are solved in the grid. Yurt mediation room should be set up in summer pasture to solve all kinds of contradictions and disputes in pastoral areas, and open up the "last mile" of conflict and dispute mediation. At the same time, in the "Yufang mediation room", the police officers of the judicial office also organized the herdsmen near the summer ranch to carry out publicity activities on Poverty Alleviation Policies, laws and regulations, and distributed publicity materials on the spot. Up to now, the yurt mediation room has handled 15 conflicts and disputes, carried out more than 10 legal publicity sessions, distributed more than 300 publicity materials such as the constitution, the people's mediation law and the marriage law, and conducted on-site consultation for more than 10 people.

           "In the three years of junior high school, he has achieved stable results in the top ten. He has won scholarships for six times and earned 18000 yuan. In addition to various competitions, he now has 560000 yuan." "Mom, I'm very curious. Why do the students spend so much energy on learning, reciting and memorizing words, ancient poems and words, and I can remember them by flipping through them. Can they answer correctly in the exam?" Fu Jingchen once asked Wu Qing. When he was three months old, his mother bought him his first book. When he was 9 months old, he would talk and walk when he was 1 year old. With a strong inborn gene, Wu Qing attaches great importance to Fu Jingchen's intellectual enlightenment from the age of 0 to 8. "He has been treated as an independent individual since he was born. He is a sensible little life." People's cities are built by people, and people's cities are for people. How to label "pretty"? We must put the people first, pay more attention to appearance and quality of life, and truly realize our aspiration for a better life. Specific to the city's urban construction, it is to adhere to the goal of creating a "refined city, quality jiaozuo", find the point of force and tipping point, constantly improve the level of the city, and further enhance the attractiveness, bearing capacity and competitiveness. To "beautiful" as the standard to lift the appearance level, to the urban construction as the focus. We should always adhere to the "park city" concept, the whole jiaozuo as a comprehensive scenic area to plan, construction, management; We will speed up the development of ten key infrastructure projects, vigorously promote the joint development of the "four cities" and "two cities", constantly improve the appearance and temperament of our cities, and resolutely win the title of "civilized city" in China. We will accelerate the pace of urban renewal by reducing the number of urban areas by two and by three, and by vacating the cage to replace birds.

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