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      Now, in some consumer areas, there is a hidden rule that "you can't & Times & times; & rdquo; if you don't pay attention to it.". In the public places, such as Wi-Fi, hotel ordering, shopping payment, etc., consumers often have to pay attention to the official account number of the business before they can operate and enjoy the corresponding products and services. However, this kind of transaction behavior, which is voluntary in form and compulsory in essence, is hard for many people to accept. First, the official account means allowing the other person to get personal information such as WeChat head, nickname, region and gender. It is inevitable that many people are worried about the risk of personal information leakage. Second, as more and more businesses are paying attention to, the list of mobile phone & amp; subscription numbers & amp; is getting longer and longer. Some people complain that less than half of & quot; subscription numbers & quot; are what they really want to pay attention to. It not only affects the users' reading of useful information, but also encounters the bombardment of various push advertisements. Besides, the official account can only be enjoyed by the public number. It is very inconvenient for the elderly who do not use mobile phone or micro signals, and they are suspected of consumption discrimination. From July 27 to July 30, a four-day legal training was conducted, mainly focusing on the evaluation of law enforcement files in the first half of the year. The legal adviser of our bureau evaluated the administrative law enforcement files of our bureau in the first half of the year according to the file evaluation system of comprehensive administrative law enforcement Bureau of Yushu city and the evaluation score table of administrative law enforcement files of Yushu city The problems in the file were reported and criticized. Finally, according to the relevant requirements of the comprehensive administrative law enforcement document of urban management in Qinghai Province, special training was conducted for the legal document production personnel of our bureau. From June 20 to June 27, a large-scale military training activity was carried out to promote the new image of urban management. The development of this large-scale military training activity has effectively improved the overall quality of the urban management team members, enhanced the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the urban management team, fully carried forward the spirit of the urban management team members who are not afraid of hardship and fatigue, and resolutely do not shed blood, sweat, tears, skin and flesh, but do not fall behind, The quality of urban management team members has been further enhanced, and the concept of discipline, unity, group and overall situation of law enforcement team has been improved, which has laid a good foundation for further work. The training was carried out in a joint way, with 70 party activists from 5 streets participating in the training. Centralized training can maximize the utilization of training resources and training effect, enhance the working linkage between the party working committees of all streets, and let each other learn from each other, promote each other and improve together in their work. The teacher's explanation in simple language enables students to grasp the party's basic theory, basic line and basic knowledge, and at the same time, deeply understand the party's nature, program, guiding ideology, purpose, tasks and missions in the new era, further correct the motivation of joining the party, firm the communist belief, and cultivate the patriotic feelings of the party. Students also visit the red culture and education base - "August conference site" to deepen their understanding of party history, revolutionary history and new China history through on-site teaching.   

         The grain and oil processing enterprises in Xinjiang are in normal production. 85 flour processing enterprises are included in the statistical monitoring. Except for 3 enterprises whose technical transformation and production stop, the rest 82 start production normally, and the average daily output is about 6000 tons. Among the 49 edible vegetable oil processing enterprises included in the statistical monitoring, 48 are operating normally, with an average daily output of about 900 tons, which can meet the demand of market supply.   "Since we settled in the village, we have effectively promoted the transformation of living environment by building good villages, good roads, good orchards, good forest belts, good courtyards and good environment." Han Jianping, the first Secretary of the Policy Research Office of the Party committee of the autonomous region in the village, said that the "two committees" and the working team of the village have organically combined poverty alleviation and beautiful rural construction, planting flowers and trees, beautifying and greening the village, and made great efforts in the appearance of the village. This year, eight departments and bureaus of our region jointly issued the "autonomous region farmland shelterbelt construction and village greening and beautification plan", focusing on the construction of farmland forest network and village greening, deeply promoted the land greening. In the first half of the year, 1104 villages carried out greening and beautification construction, and the "four sides" greening area of villages reached 82000 mu.

      Since the eighteen Party's Congress, all localities and departments have implemented the spirit of Xi Jinping's important instructions, adopted relevant documents and launched CD-ROM actions to vigorously punish wasteful winds. The phenomenon of waste on the tongue has changed, especially the public's waste behavior of public funds and restaurants, which is strongly reflected by the masses, has been effectively curbed. At the same time, some local restaurants waste phenomenon still exists, the relevant departments are implementing the spirit of Xi Jinping's important instructions, formulate and implement more effective measures to promote the whole society to further promote the prevention of food waste.     One lake connects three provinces, and the lake is among the ten thousand peaks. Wanfeng Lake is located at the junction of Guizhou, Yunnan and Guangxi, with a water area of more than 200000 mu. In recent years, Xingyi City, Qianxinan Prefecture, Guizhou Province, has promoted the ecological management of Wanfeng Lake by increasing the adjustment of industrial structure in coastal towns and developing green ecological breeding in Lake area, so as to promote the coordinated development of fishery industry, water resources in reservoir area and coastal ecological environment. In 2018, Guizhou Wanfeng Lake Runfeng Industrial Development Co., Ltd. was established in Xingyi City. The ecological breeding mode of blocking fixed water area and human releasing and natural breeding was adopted to release silver carp, bighead carp, grass carp and other fish species to achieve the goal of "cultivating fish with water and purifying water with fish".

         After working in Kangyuan company in 2013, dasdan talkhatibek has a monthly salary of 3500 yuan, mainly engaged in rough processing of seabuckthorn raw materials. Seeing that more and more farmers and herdsmen living a better life by planting seabuckthorn, in 2015, dasdan introduced the improved seabuckthorn variety "shenqiuhong" from the company, and became a Seabuckthorn grower while being a good industrial worker. "We subsidize 200 yuan for planting Seabuckthorn on 1 mu of land. This Seabuckthorn seedling is also free, and the water charge for the first three years is also free. Now our national policy is so good, we strive to earn money and go to a well-off society as soon as possible." Said Dastan talkhatibek. What is more reassuring to dasdan is that Habahe County has implemented the mode of "leading enterprise + cooperative + peasant household" to train farmers, provide technical services, implement production and marketing docking, and fine benefit linkage, so as to realize the "double guarantee" of farmers' income and enterprise raw materials. May 11 & mdash; on May 15, a five-day legal training program was launched. In order to lay a solid legal theoretical knowledge foundation for law enforcement personnel, the legal adviser arranged the teaching content according to the characteristics of urban management and law enforcement. The full text explained the urban management law enforcement law enforcement law enforcement law enforcement law of the people's Republic of China issued by Qinghai housing and urban rural development department According to the actual cases of urban management and law enforcement, the writing of law enforcement documents and the language of on-site law enforcement, the article explains the substantive laws and regulations of urban management and law enforcement, such as the regulations on the management of urban appearance and environmental sanitation, and requires the law enforcement personnel to draw inferences from one instance and understand each other thoroughly, so as to be able to use them skillfully on the basis of understanding The purpose of procedure, law, document.  

      Strictly control the home environment. It is not allowed to stack firewood in front of the houses of the residents along the shuisui secondary highway, so as to guide the masses to build firewood houses in a standardized way. Guide the masses to "clean up every day and tidy up every week" to ensure that the articles are placed in order, the clothes and quilts are dried regularly, and the courtyard and dam are clean, tidy and fresh. Guide the residents along the line to plant green and flowers on the courtyard dam to decorate and beautify the home environment. Strictly check the disorderly parking of vehicles. We should standardize the marking of parking spaces, supervise and urge the standardization of parking vehicles, clean up the "zombie vehicles" in time, and seriously deal with the illegal parking and placing of vehicles according to laws and regulations. Set up advertising slogans strictly. Demolish and clean the old and disordered slogans and billboards on both sides of the road (including the walls of houses) to effectively improve the traffic environment and road environment. The land use scope and highway construction control area of shuisui class II highway that really need to be added shall be examined and approved by county highway sub Bureau; advertising signs and slogans of residents' courtyard shall be strictly controlled by each town. "Some B-class houses can not reach the dangerous house level at present, but they still need to" look back "to avoid becoming dangerous buildings of grade C Wang Sangui, President of the China Poverty Alleviation Research Institute of Renmin University of China, said, "in addition, one house can only apply for one dangerous housing subsidy. If the house is damaged again due to natural disasters, it should be timely remedied by other means." We should explore a housing model that is suitable for China's national conditions and meet the characteristics of development stages, and avoid a one size fits all approach to poverty alleviation. Through accurate and meticulous poverty alleviation, people will have a higher sense of gain and happiness. In the past, villagers of Qingbao village had to cross mountains and rivers to cross cliffs and wade through six or seven swift rivers. It is difficult to travel, drink water, use electricity, house, go to school, see a doctor and increase income. Longfeng town has been suffering from poverty. "My family used to live in group 10, Lishu village, Jintang Town, Qiaojia county. The transportation is inconvenient. Thanks to the party's good poverty alleviation policy, I have a warm home. The resettlement area is close to Ludian and Zhaotong, with convenient transportation and living in such a good community, I feel like I am living in a dream. " Liu Youfu said with a smile on his face. Liu Youfu is still worried about the debris flow and landslide accident that year. Since then, it has become Liu Youfu's wish to move his family to a safe place. But the maintenance of daily life has been stretched, where there is surplus money to relocate, build and move. With the development of poverty alleviation work in Jintang Town, Liu Youfu's family was included in the relocation object of poverty alleviation, and his wish was realized. In December 2019, after lottery, Liu Youfu was allocated a 150 square meter resettlement house located in block 3 of Maojiawan resettlement area. Seeing the spacious and bright new house, Liu Youfu was so excited that he didn't sleep for several nights.  [learning progress] recently, general secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions to curb the waste of food and drink. What did Xi Jinping's important directive emphasize? What's the significance? Xinhua News Agency "learning in progress" original brand column "workshop" launched the article, for your interpretation. Recently, general secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions to curb the waste of food and drink. For the phenomenon of food waste, he used eight words for evaluation: "shocking, heartbreaking!" He also quoted the ancient poem "who knows that all the dishes are hard to eat" to express his heartache. At the beginning of 2013, Xi Jinping saw a Xinhua News Agency saying that netizens called for a curb on the "waste on the tip of the tongue" in the food and beverage links. Then they made instructions to request "wasting the wind" and insisted on resolutely eliminating the waste of public funds. In January 22, 2013, Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the two plenary session of the eighteen Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, emphasizing that we should vigorously carry forward the fine tradition of thrift and thrift of the Chinese nation, vigorously publicize the idea of saving honor and wasting shameful ideas, and strive to make frugality and oppose waste a common practice in the whole society. Since then, Xi Jinping has made important instructions repeatedly, vigorously promoting "frugal and opposing waste".

          There are various kinds of bronzes in the city of Hanzhong. They are exquisite in craftsmanship, various in styles, and various in ornamentation. They are thick and simple in appearance, but not delicate, beautiful and practical. They are permeated with the wisdom and wisdom of the ancient ancestors and show their broad-minded mind and craftsmanship spirit This is the sacred and heavy cultural heritage left by our ancestors, which needs us to respect and revere  

      Jialepak village of Jiete Aere town is close to Fuhai county. The two committees of the village make full use of the geographical advantages and actively guide the villagers to grow vegetables. And in the stage of centralized marketing of vegetables, timely release of sales information, customers can order by phone, not only solve the problem of market supply, but also solve the vegetable farmers' vegetable sales problems. At present, 13 vegetable farmers in the village are planting in stages according to the market demand, and supply all kinds of vegetables to the local market all year round. Because the vegetables are fresh and reliable in quality, they are well received by consumers. First, according novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia control plan, nucleic acid detection is the main detection method and standard of diagnosis for new crown pneumonia cases and asymptomatic infections. Because throat swab collection is not deep respiratory tract sampling, and the sensitivity of detection reagents can not identify all the infected persons at one time, in order to be cautious, it is necessary to carry out multiple sampling tests on key areas and key personnel according to the test results. Third, from the perspective of epidemic prevention and control, multiple nucleic acid detection for key areas and key populations is an important measure to eliminate the hidden dangers of the epidemic. By increasing the frequency of nucleic acid detection, we can find asymptomatic infected people as soon as possible, and carry out isolation medical observation on them, so as to realize early detection, early report, early isolation and early treatment, which is helpful for us to prevent and control the disease It can effectively control the risk after returning to work and reduce the condition or source of virus infection.    On August 10, the municipal government held a discussion with Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd., and the two sides exchanged views on deepening cooperation in the financial field. Guo Dajin, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, and Chen Gongyan, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of China Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd., attended the forum. China Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd. is a leading comprehensive financial service provider in China's securities industry. With its unique history, brand and shareholder advantages, the company has the broadest business outlets and leading customer base in the industry, as well as comprehensive business strength, providing comprehensive financial services such as think tank consulting, wealth management, investment and financing, international business and other comprehensive financial services for the government, enterprises, institutions and individuals.

       In 2015, the Central Committee put forward the decision to win the battle of poverty alleviation. With the improvement of infrastructure and living environment, the implementation of industrial projects, a series of poverty alleviation policies have been implemented in Zhangzhuang village. Seeing the road harden, the streetlights are on, the dilapidated houses of poor households have become brand-new houses. A good policy needs the understanding and cooperation of the villagers, and it needs everyone to screw together to do a good job. What is the breakthrough? How should grassroots cadres take the lead in order to be recognized by the villagers? Village cadres decided to take the lead in cleaning the streets for an hour every morning. In 2015, with the help of village cadres, more than 60 poor households, including Yan Chunguang, loaned 50000 yuan each to set up chicken farms and pig farms, all of which were lifted out of poverty. Now, Yan Chunguang's chicken farm has 10000 laying hens, laying more than 900 Jin eggs a day, with a net income of more than 1000 yuan. In 2016, with the help of the village, Yan Chunguang loaned 300000 yuan to set up Chunguang oil factory. Now, Yan Chunguang hired five or six left behind women from the village to work, and he has become a boss.  Novel coronavirus pneumonia Deputy Secretary General Chen Shihua said that in July 2020, with China's overall efforts to promote new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development work has achieved positive results, the overall recovery of the economic situation continues to improve, especially under the promotion of various consumer policies, the market owners to accelerate the pace of resumption of business, the orderly increase of residents' consumption, and the gradual improvement of market vitality. Sales continued to improve. In this context, the automobile production and sales continued the warming trend since the second quarter and maintained a good running situation. "Big companies are doing well." Chen Shihua said. Recently, auto companies have successively released the latest sales data. Geely's sales volume reached 105000 in July, up 15% year-on-year; Great Wall Motor's sales at home and abroad were all successful, with a total sales of 78300 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 30%. Among them, the export sales of Great Wall Motor in July was 6300, with a month on month increase of 75%. 

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